Gokul Juniors Play School

Gokul Juniors Preschool conceived by the team of ISKCON Mangalore, seeks to provide high-quality education to young learners through a combination of world-class infrastructure, qualified and committed facilitators, innovative curriculum, use of technology and novel interventions designed to improve the learning outcomes. Our curriculum and teaching methodology are designed to kindle the inquisitiveness of children and to make learning “rich, real and relevant.”

The Gokul Juniors preschool program covers all the aspects of early childhood development including sensorial learning, cognition and creative abilities, language, Mathematics, Geography, Science, practical life with personality development, Yoga and Value education.

Children work in groups and individually in an integrated environment, to explore the world of learning and develop their maximum potential. Every material in a Gokul Juniors classroom kindles the natural curiosity of the child and enables immersive learning.